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Performance Plastics PC/ABS

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    PC-ABS 65S

    Tel. 01425 403543

    PC/ABS 65 S (T65 type) alloy medium-high thermal resistance, good flow and mechanical properties, low moisture absorption and good dimensional stability.

    Classification Manufacturer Material Performance Plastics PC/ABS
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    PC-ABS 45 X0

    Tel. 01425 403543

    PC/ABS 45 X0 alloy medium low thermal resistance, flame retardant UL94 V0 (yellow card).

    PC/ABS 45 X0 is specifically engineered to meet the need for high performance products, in flame retardant resin applications. PC/ABS 45 X0 provides an optimum balance of physical properties high toughness even at cold temperatures, rigidity, dimensional stability, easy processing, good colour stability in indoor lighting, good heat resistance, flame retardancy and good finished part aesthetics.

    Classification Manufacturer Material , Performance Plastics Performance Plastics PC/ABS