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    GAPEKK – Polyether Ketone Ketone

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    GAPEKKTM combines high temperature stability, strength, stiffness and ease of processing. PEKK has superior temperature resistance than other Ketone base polymers (PEK & PEEK). It has excellent compressive strength, creep resistance, wear and radiation resistance and also inherent flame retardancy.

    With a glass transition temperature of 176°C and a melting temperature of 395°C, GAPEKKTM polymer delivers extended high temperature mechanical performance over standard PEKK polymer and chemical resistance. Available as unfilled, glass filled and carbon filled grades.

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    G-PAEK – Polyether Ketone

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    Gharda’s G-PAEK product family is based on Polyether Ketone (PEK), a semi-crystalline polymer, with a high glass transition temperature of 152°C and melting temperature of 372°C, the unfilled G-PAEK grades offer solutions to many high temperature and chemically resistant applications.

    Additionally, we offer various value-added filled grades with improved strength for demanding opportunities that require high wear resistance. The heat deflection temperature of these grades can be as high as 360°C, providing strength and stability in extreme conditions. The array of Gharda G-PAEK product family provides a wide range of options to customers along with customized solutions wherever required.

    Unfilled grades are available as powders or pellets. Filled grades are available as dry blends and compounded pellets.

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    GAZOLE – Polybenzimidazole

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    GAZOLE™ – PEK/ABPBI Blends possess some unique features:

    • High temperature resistance
    • The most thermally stable thermoplastics
    • Semi crystalline structure
    • Excellent mechanical performance at high temperatures up to 300°C
    • Low creep characteristics
    • High compressive strength, making the blend composites suitable for thrust loading applications
    • Inherently lubricious with a very smooth surface finish
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    Taroforce® – Long Glass Fibre Reinforced Polypropylene

    Taro Plast’s new LGF-PP specialty range of product – better impact strength, lower warpage, higher creep and fatigue resistance, greater mechanical resistance and stiffness compared to conventional glass fibre reinforced polypropylene.

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