Thermally Conductive compounds

Advantages of Using Thermally Conductive PPS

Reduce Weight

  • Thermally conductive PPS has lower specific gravity than metals (1.80~2.00)

Reduce Cost

  • Metal parts need secondary processing (Cutting, trimming flash etc.)
  • Thermally conductive resin parts do not need such processing due to injection moulding.

Enable High Possibility of Design

  • Metals have limited design possibilities.
  • Thermally conductive resins have greater design potential

Eliminate Insulation Process (Insulated type)

  • Metal parts need insulation process and insulated parts in E&E components.
  • Thermally conductive resin parts have both insulation property and thermal conductivity.

Non Insulated Grades suitable for EMI Shielding

  • Weight saving
  • Lower cost
  • Design freedom

Electrically and thermally conductive

NamePolymerConductivity W/mK

Electrically insulative while thermally conductive

NamePolymerConductivity W/mK

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