Polypropylene (PP)

Available as homopolymer and copolymer in different grades such as mineral filled, glass fibres reinforced, impact modified and flame retardant UL94 V2 and V0 (also halogen free grades) with UL certification (yellow card).

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  • Product Description

    Taroforce® – Long Glass Fibre Reinforced Polypropylene

    Taro Plast’s new LGF-PP specialty range of product – better impact strength, lower warpage, higher creep and fatigue resistance, greater mechanical resistance and stiffness compared to conventional glass fibre reinforced polypropylene.

    Please Call 01425 403543 for further information

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    Haiplen HEP50 G6 X0 – M2 Certified Polypropylene for Seating

    Tel. 01425 403543

    Haiplen HEP50 G6 X0 – 30% glass fibre reinforced Polypropylene, chemically coupled, self extinguishing V0 at 3 mm thickness, with very good mechanical properties.

    Haiplen HEP50 G6 X0 has been tested and certified to meet the requirements of NF P 92 501, NF P 92 504 and NF P 92 505 and therefore classified M2.

    Key Features:

    • High mechanical properties
    • Good – impact stiffness balance
    • Flame retardant

    Typical application:

    Arena seating

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    PP 5660

    Tel. 01425 403543

    Polypropylene PPC 5660 is heterophasic copolymer with a Melt Flow Index of 7 g/10min. Polypropylene PPC 5660 is characterized by a medium fluidity offering a combination of ease of processing and good manufactured article properties in applications ranging from household to industrial.

    Polypropylene PPC 5660 has been developed for the manufacture of garden furniture, battery cases and other articles requiring a combination of good stiffness and impact properties.

    Food contact approval.

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    Haiplen H30 G6 BA

    Tel. 01425 403543

    30% glass fibre reinforced chemically coupled Polypropylene homopolymer, medium flow, good mechanical properties.

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