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    Badamid UL A703 GF20-35 FR HF

    Tel. 01425 403543

    UL listed meeting f1 and f2

    The importance of public transport by train, metro or tram is becoming more and more important due to continuously growing cities worldwide. As a consequence, demands on plastics for railway applications are increasing, too. Great importance is attached to maximum possible fire protection owing to the increasing number of passengers.
    The harmonised standard EN 45545-2 defines different hazard levels depending on the requirements on and hazard potential of the respective application. Hazard level 3 (HL3) represents the highest performance category. Supply lines and high voltage components are subject to risk phrase R22 (indoors) and R23 (outside). Here, the use of halogen-free, fire retardant polyamides has become mostly prevalent.
    Bada AG has got a broad portfolio of reinforced and unreinforced polyamides specifically adapted for the railway sector that all fully meet the requirements of HL3. These materials are future-proof as they significantly fall below the required limit values even if the legislator will further tighten them.

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    Taroforce® – Long Glass Fibre Reinforced Polypropylene

    Taro Plast’s new LGF-PP specialty range of product – better impact strength, lower warpage, higher creep and fatigue resistance, greater mechanical resistance and stiffness compared to conventional glass fibre reinforced polypropylene.

    Please Call 01425 403543 for further information

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    Haiplen HEP50 G6 X0 – M2 Certified Polypropylene for Seating

    Tel. 01425 403543

    Haiplen HEP50 G6 X0 – 30% glass fibre reinforced Polypropylene, chemically coupled, self extinguishing V0 at 3 mm thickness, with very good mechanical properties.

    Haiplen HEP50 G6 X0 has been tested and certified to meet the requirements of NF P 92 501, NF P 92 504 and NF P 92 505 and therefore classified M2.

    Key Features:

    • High mechanical properties
    • Good – impact stiffness balance
    • Flame retardant

    Typical application:

    Arena seating

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    Torelina A504 X90

    Tel. 01425 403543

    40% glass fibre reinforced polyphenylene sulphide (PPS), R4 type compound

    Torelina A504 is an advanced 40% glass fibre reinforced PPS, developed specifically for high strength, high stiffness, high heat injection moulded components.

    Torelina A504 X90 is used for injection moulded parts with the following properties

    • Very Hard & Rigid
    • High heat performance – service temperature 240C – short term use 270C
    • Flame retardant, self extinguishing UL v0 at 0.28mm
    • Very good chemical resistance
    • Excellent creep resistance
    • Good dimensional stability
    • Easy Moulding
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