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Gharda is a global science-based company active in polymers, pigments & agrochemical materials. By connecting its unique competences in material & agro sciences Gharda is driving new knowledge creation, economic prosperity and social commitments with sustainable values. The business verticals at Gharda are based on the backward integration that we believe in and which is the base of our growth.

For more than 20 years, we have been developing high-performance plastics successfully in new applications. We have been recognized for many firsts in the field of polymers, pigments, dyestuffs, pesticides and veterinary drugs. The Gharda product family helps in making customer applications efficient and competitive. We aim to meet this standard every day“ with a careful analysis of customer requirements, efficient development and manufacturing processes and exemplary services.

Gharda is head quartered in Mumbai – India. Our manufacturing facilities are located in Mumbai & Lote (Maharashtra), Panoli & Ankleshwar (Gujrat). We are ISO 9001:2008 certified by TUV SUD AMERICA INC. for adhering to stringent quality standards. Gharda has set up an advanced research facility at Dombivli called Gharda Institute of Science and Technology (GIST), which is a multi-disciplinary research centre for our polymers, pigments and fibres. A company with strong global aspirations, we have already made our presence felt in the European, African, South & North American a-nd Asian markets. Our strategic alliances and branch offices are positioned across the globe in Europe, USA, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Africa and Australia. Presently we export to more than 40 countries worldwide with 60% exports.

Gharda has recently commercialized the high performance engineering thermoplastic, Polyether Ketone (PEK) under the trade name G-PAEK, with its in-house patented technology. Along with G-PAEK, we also produce high performance polymers such as Polybenzimidazole (PBI) and Polyether ether ketone (PEKK). The products and technology from Gharda can be found in many important segments such as industrial, medical, food, electrical & electronics, automotive industry, nuclear and building & construction.

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  • Product Description

    GAPEKK – Polyether Ketone Ketone

    Tel. 01425 403543

    GAPEKKTM combines high temperature stability, strength, stiffness and ease of processing. PEKK has superior temperature resistance than other Ketone base polymers (PEK & PEEK). It has excellent compressive strength, creep resistance, wear and radiation resistance and also inherent flame retardancy.

    With a glass transition temperature of 176°C and a melting temperature of 395°C, GAPEKKTM polymer delivers extended high temperature mechanical performance over standard PEKK polymer and chemical resistance. Available as unfilled, glass filled and carbon filled grades.

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    G-PAEK – Polyether Ketone

    Tel. 01425 403543

    Gharda’s G-PAEK product family is based on Polyether Ketone (PEK), a semi-crystalline polymer, with a high glass transition temperature of 152°C and melting temperature of 372°C, the unfilled G-PAEK grades offer solutions to many high temperature and chemically resistant applications.

    Additionally, we offer various value-added filled grades with improved strength for demanding opportunities that require high wear resistance. The heat deflection temperature of these grades can be as high as 360°C, providing strength and stability in extreme conditions. The array of Gharda G-PAEK product family provides a wide range of options to customers along with customized solutions wherever required.

    Unfilled grades are available as powders or pellets. Filled grades are available as dry blends and compounded pellets.

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    GAZOLE – Polybenzimidazole

    Tel. 01425 403543

    GAZOLE™ – PEK/ABPBI Blends possess some unique features:

    • High temperature resistance
    • The most thermally stable thermoplastics
    • Semi crystalline structure
    • Excellent mechanical performance at high temperatures up to 300°C
    • Low creep characteristics
    • High compressive strength, making the blend composites suitable for thrust loading applications
    • Inherently lubricious with a very smooth surface finish
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