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    Dyneon Fluoroplastic PVDF 6008

    Tel. 01425 403543

    PVDF (polyvinylideneflouride) homopolymer suitable for injection moulding applications

    Dyneon 6008 is a polyvinylidene flouride (PVDF) homopolymer specifically designed for injection moulding.

    Dyneon 6008 is used for injection mouldings with the following properties

    • Excellent chemical resistance to most aggressive substances & solvents
    • Resistant to UV and nuclear radiation
    • High temperature capability (up to 150C)
    • High purity
    • Low permeability to most gases & liquids
    • Flame retardant self extinguishing UL94 V0
    • High impact strength & toughness
    • High abrasion resistance
    • Easy processing (injection moulding)
    Classification Manufacturer Material , 3M Dyneon Fluoroplastic
  • Product Description

    General Purpose Purging Agent

    Tel. 01425 403543

    Barrel Blitz Universal (BBU) is a universal purging compound for injection moulding machine screws, barrels, & nozzles.

    BBU is a stable, easy cleaning polymer with a proprietary scrubber concentrate, designed for –

    • Colour changes & material changes
    • Carbon (black speck) removal
    • Aid for barrel & screw strip downs
    • Temperature range – 160 ~ 370°C
    Classification Manufacturer Material Aquapurge
  • Product Description

    Badadur PBT8

    Tel. 01425 403543

    Badadur PBT8 is an unfilled, normal viscosity, heat stabilised PBT.

    Badadur PBT8 is used for injection moulded parts with the following properties:

    • Excellent dimensional stability
    • Good balance of strength & toughness
    • Good heat resistance
    Classification Manufacturer Material Bada Hispanaplast S.A. Badadur
  • Product Description

    Badamid B70 S

    Tel. 01425 403543

    B70 S 27 is an unreinforced, nucleated standard PA6 injection moulding grade with normal melt viscosity.

    B70 S 27 has the following important properties:

    • Good flow behaviour
    • Easy processing
    • Good sliding friction characteristics

    B70 S natural 27 has wide variety of applications in all market sectors, automotive, electrical, leisure and sport, e. g. clips, covers, housings.

    Classification Manufacturer Material Bada Hispanaplast S.A. Badamid