Polyphenylene sulphide (PPS)

Torelina is the trade name of Toray’s Polyphenylene sulphide (PPS) resin marketed and distributed in the UK by Performance Plastics Ltd.

Torelina PPS is an engineering thermoplastic which is characterised by outstanding chemical resistance along with good mechanical properties and stiffness at elevated temperatures which is available in both cross-linked and linear types.

Features of Torelina include:

  • Thermal resistance: TORELINA has excellent long-term heat resistance properties. (UL temperature index: 200 – 240°C, UL File No. E41797)
  • Dimensional Stability: TORELINA has low mould shrinkage, low linear thermal expansion and low water absorption properties. Therefore TORELINA shows an excellent dimensional stability even when used under high temperature and high humidity conditions.
  • Chemical resistance: TORELINA has an excellent chemical resistance that is equivalent to that of fluorine resin.
  • Mechanical properties: TORELINA has high strength, high rigidity and low degradation characteristics even in high temperature conditions. It also shows excellent fatigue endurance and creep resistance.
  • Burning resistance: TORELINA passed the UL94V-0 standard without adding flame retardant. (UL File No. E41797)
  • Electric characteristics: TORELINA shows excellent electric characteristics in high temperature, high humidity and high frequency conditions.
  • Mould-ability: TORELINA has good flow properties and is processed using standard injection moulding equipment as used for other engineering plastics.

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