Acrypet IR D50

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High-impact PMMA with good chemical resistance and improved mouldability

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Product Description

Acrypet is the trade name of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), glass clear transparent moulding granules, made by Mitsubishi Rayon and distributed in the UK by Performance Plastics.

PMMA resin is a high-class material that many refer to as the “Queen of Plastics.”
It is considered ideal for use in optical equipment, building, automotive, telecommunications, household electric appliances and various other fields of daily life because of the many superior properties that it possesses:

  • The best optical properties with excellent transparency and gloss
  • The highest weather resistance and surface hardness among plastic materials.
  • Excellent machining characteristics
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good electrical resistance
  • Ease of colouring

Acrypet is available in granule form and easily processed using standard injection moulding or extrusion machines, which have reciprocating screws with a general-purpose screw design.

Acrypet granules are available in standard and impact modified forms. There is an extensive range of grades available offering the best balance of properties to meet high application demands. Formulations have been modified to compliment, without compromise, the typical product features to give best thermal resistance, impact performance and ease of processing.

Acrypet granules also meet regulatory standards and industry approvals set by FDA for food contact, AMECA automotive standards and UL flammability standard.

Weight 1 kg

Mitsubishi Rayon



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