G-PAEK – Polyether Ketone

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Gharda’s G-PAEK product family is based on Polyether Ketone (PEK), a semi-crystalline polymer, with a high glass transition temperature of 152°C and melting temperature of 372°C, the unfilled G-PAEK grades offer solutions to many high temperature and chemically resistant applications.

Additionally, we offer various value-added filled grades with improved strength for demanding opportunities that require high wear resistance. The heat deflection temperature of these grades can be as high as 360°C, providing strength and stability in extreme conditions. The array of Gharda G-PAEK product family provides a wide range of options to customers along with customized solutions wherever required.

Unfilled grades are available as powders or pellets. Filled grades are available as dry blends and compounded pellets.

Product Description

Advantages of G-PAEKTM polymer
Delivers up to two times the wear resistance of PEEK at high temperatures.
Retention of mechanical and physical properties upto 30°C higher than PEEK
supporting higher loads without permanent deformation.
Improved compressive strength.
A strong candidate for engine parts, subsea connectors and heat exchanger applications.
Excellent gamma radiation resistance.
Excellent hydrolysis resistance at high temperatures.
Excellent high temperature performance for all mechanical properties.
Excellent electrical performance at high temperatures.
Excellent chemical resistance at high temperatures.

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