Kocetal GF706

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Glass Fibre filled acetal co-polymer (POM), melt flow 9g/10mins. Kocetal GF706

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Product Description

Kocetal is the trade name of Acetal copolymer jointly developed by Toray and Kolon marketed and distributed in the UK by Performance Plastics.

Features of  Glass fibre reinforced Kocetal GF706 include:

  • Excellent thermal stability at moulding
    • wide processing window
    • low mould deposit
    • good recycling properties
    • low odour
  • Low emission of gas in moulding process
  • Highest fatigue endurance and creep resistance properties
  • Excellent elastic restoration, spring properties
  • Good balanced mechanical properties
  • Good electrical properties
  • Stable dimensional properties
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Excellent resistance against chemicals and hot water
  • High Strength & stiffness
Weight 1 kg

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